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Established in 1993, and drawing upon the senior partners’ decades-long experience in major law firm practice, the TAN ACUT LOPEZ & PISÓN Law Offices (formerly named Escueta Tan Acut & Madrid Law Offices) quickly developed into a full-service law firm with a wide client base.

Messrs. Edmundo L. Tan and Sabino E. Acut, Jr. were former partners of Angara Abello Concepcion Regala & Cruz Law Offices (ACCRA) who later co-founded with others the Ponce Enrile Cayetano Reyes & Manalastas Law Offices (PECABAR).

Among the Law Firm’s clients are commercial banks, insurance companies, securities brokerage firms, telecommunications companies, mining corporations, pharmaceutical firms, property and real estate developers, construction companies, leisure and gaming corporations, mall owners and operators, educational institutions, agricultural corporations, food, beverage, manufacturing and industrial companies.